2002-04-29 01:01:56
blessed is the homemaker

see?! i'm not the only evil one. apparently other people have had ideas similar to mine. tho, i suppose his intentions may have been somewhat more open-minded and kind. whatever. kindness is overrated. anyway, i stumbled upon that lovely essay when doing a search for "shalini biodata" on google (because some random punjabi dude (hi, random punjabi dude, if you're still reading this) wrote me after visiting shaliniland and i was trying to figure out what he could have possibly searched for other than "shaliniland" to find me). i turned up third, btw, and the guy who wrote the other article was fifth (because his friend shalini joined him on his misadventure -- freaky, no? maybe shalini means "social experimenter of the mean twisted sort" instead of "modesty, house wife" as some would have you believe).

in other news, foxfields was fun. i ran into hendrik and his fiance courtney, which was a nice surprise. overall, it was fun and sunny and not too fratty. i've decided it's really just the great equalizer -- not a snobby fratty uva tradition. where else do you get to watch snotty sorority girls running to the woods in nice sundresses to pee on themselves and frat boys participating in a communal penis-waving ceremony in front of a trough? everyone is happy and nicer to each other than they'd normally be. what's wrong with that? (am i trying too hard to justify this?)




2002-04-26 09:21:13
return of the fratboy

well, shalini is making a return appearance to foxfields. every year she says that that year will be the last, but it never is. it may be an addiction.

none of these kids will be there this year :(

in other news, eric and i are debating the existence of sealand. is it real?

a stunning photo of the sovereign nation




2002-04-23 14:34:45
obla-di, obla-da

the vpn (my lifeline to work) is down. this gives me too much free time to waste. surely, i could use this time to take a shower, emerge from my dusty crypt of a room, run some errands, do something. but i'd rather pore over the object of my desires' site and wonder if he'd mind having a virtual stalker. i already have plans to gank his style and site layout. it's what i'd always envisioned for shaliniland, had i the creativity and talent to execute it. he's just so lovely, with his witty little comments and super-techy-know-how. do i love him or want to be him? we share so many common interests, it's hard to tell.

and he's gotta' have some sort of appreciation for neurotic behavior and unnecessary rambling (my two specialties); he's the "president/CEO of Pyra Labs, the creators and operators of Blogger". ::sigh::




2002-04-22 22:55:30
i be getting sappy in my old age

my brother has decided: he is going to BU. congrats to BU on their acceptance by such a fine young man.

may my future visits to boston be plentiful and cheap ;) (just kidding, bachia)




2002-04-22 17:47:18
choose your own adventure





2002-04-22 16:43:48
and you thought i was a boy

p.s. this weekend was tons of fun. went down to raleigh/chapelhill/durham for brittany's bridal shower/bachelorette party. the maid of honor, beth, and the other bridesmaid, ferris, are a riot (as is their friend roberta) and i had much fun hanging out with them. brittany was surprised, which was good, and we got her to do all those embarrassing bachelorette things (complete with incriminating pictures!) no one is supposed to talk about. but i won't say much more about that. it was good to see brittany again, and nice to be in the company of all girls for once (so rare these days). it was surprisingly not-girly. who knew? in any case, i'm now on the lookout for a dueling-pianos bar around here -- we went to one for the bachelorette party and i am enamored of them. if anyone knows of any, lemme know. citysearch is not pulling through for me :(




2002-04-22 16:35:45
and it's not even true

from my email today:


I found at Lycos. I'm looking for the person in charge of online marketing.

My name is Heather and I am the marketing director of Web Submission Services. We are a website submission company that can submit your site to the top search engines utilizing our proprietary custom software. Our packages are as low as $9.95 and we're offering great articles about online markerting with most of the packages. Please check us out at

The reason why I am contacting you is because I did some research and found in Lycos on page 5 for the search term "mvp backgammon". I understand that you have other search terms by which people find you and I'd like to help you get higher rankings for all of your search phrases, especially if this phrase has nothing to do with your site.

The process takes less than 2 minutes. Check our web site - we will help you obtain more sales. If you have any questions that are not answered at please use the contact form or email me.

Heather B.

is this a very common marketing ploy?




2002-04-22 15:53:11
don't try to bring logic into this

from the associated press, 3-26-02:

As a longstanding part of his lecture on "assault and battery," University of Virginia torts professor Kenneth Abraham said he gently taps the shoulder of a student at random in his class to illustrate the principle that even negligible unwanted contact can be costly if the victim is uniquely vulnerable in ways that no one could have expected. Indeed, Abraham did not know that a student he tapped recently, Marta Sanchez, had been raped a while back and that the tap apparently triggered fear and stress. In March, Sanchez filed a $35,000 lawsuit against Abraham, claiming that the tap constituted assault and battery.




2002-04-19 12:34:13
you could be my sunshine

did i mention that i met ron jeremy on sunday? visions is showing that new documentary about his life and on sunday ron jeremy came out to promote it. eric, erik, april and i went to see what all the hype was all about and to see if we could catch a few diseases ourselves. it was interesting to say the least. he was really short and hairy and greasy looking, but overall, not very smarmy. he seemed nice enough, if a bit obsessed with being famous. poor guy; i don't know if he meant for us to feel sorry for him, but i know at least some of us walked away feeling sad. and i just wanted to go laugh at a bunch of hairy old guys getting it on. in any case, it was interesting.

on a different note, click here, would ya'? it does good stuff for underpriveleged women (donates mammograms). a surprisingly simple concept that isn't doing as well as one would hope.




2002-04-17 03:23:00
this IS the über-update

so, this is what i've been meaning to write for a while:

first of all, you know you're all wondering what's going on with the toe. i would be, if i had such a fascinating organically-focused website to follow. well, i went to el doctor to have that nasty blood blister lurking under the "nail" popped, but even he would have none of it. he just ripped the nail off and said it'd take care of itself from now on. i saved the decrepit toenail just for my loyal fans' viewing pleasure:

i am making a necklace out of this -- if i could only find my wisdom teeth, tiffany would come aknockin and i thought my feet were ugly...

pretty, no?

in other news, whitney is famous; until she gets her own website up (and to encourage her down the twisted path of web-addiction ;) i'm making the announcement: she's featured on a jones soda bottle! in her own words:

thanks to that world famous event known as beermageddon, my image is now going to be distributed nationwide on a jones (strawberry-kiwi flavor) soda bottle! (huh? what is beermageddon? well, it's not exactly world famous - basically some friends of my roommate shannon's friend jon get together every july in west freedom, pa to camp and drink beer. pretty simple concept. probably more hype than actual event. i was one of the lucky attendees at beermageddon VII last year.) yes, i am one of those people perched on top of that rusty old truck. how did our picture get there? apparently, the jones soda company will plaster any picture you send them on their label if they like it enough. so, that's it. i'm sending this to you so you can keep an eye out for the bottle (and let me know if you find it!) and smile in recognition when you see me. i have yet to locate an actual bottle specimen but i'm on the lookout...

i couldn't find the bigger one

also, i bought a new computer, finally. and i love her. pookie is my new best friend :)

and i bought that ticket to europe that i should be telling you about. i bought a new phone, pookie, and the plane ticket within 36 hours of each other (quite a mood, eh?). my credit card company was so confused, they called to make sure i was okay. apparently, i'm not usually such a big spender? other stuff's been happening, too, but this is enough for now, methinks.

here's my journal from the trip:

i'm in manchester airport, awaiting a transfer to london's heathrow. i meant to write before i left, but i guess i got caught up in the hustlebustle or something. i even made a list of things i HAD to do before i left, and then forgot to look at it. writing wasn't on it, but it would've come to me had i looked at it. anyway, i've been here since before 6am UK time (landing was early for once) and my next flight's leaving at nine. i'm surprisingly not tired considering my complete lack of sleep lately, but i guess that's a good thing. or just the result of tons of coffee.

the flight here was easy, if a tad boring. i entertained myself by sleeping and occasionally observing the behavior of those around me. the guy sitting next to me looked like a redneck-cum-fratboy, but he had a british accent. he kept saying "cheers", too; i wasn't sure if he was kidding. there was this pair across the aisle from me; the guy reminded me of micah and the girl of catherine malmberg (does anyone else remember her?). i kept trying to figure out of if they were a couple or siblings. they looked a lot alike, but that could've been my imagination. they were nicer to each other than most siblings are, but they weren't quite as affectionate as couples on planes always are (as if they're enduring some obscure hardship together). i was going to ask, but i didn't want them to think i was hitting on one of them.

[update on the weird micah-catherine couple: they ARE a couple. oddly enough (or not so odd; it WAS spring break week), they were on my return flight from manchester, acting all mysterious and indecipherable again. but then i distinctly saw him twirl a strand of her hair, and only weird siblings would do something like that. so, they're a couple. i feel better. guess it's just that leftover harriet-the-spy thirst for knowledge. or i'm just nosy.]

and a few days later:

okay, so overall so far, i must say, this is the first time i've ever been in the situation of being the oldest kid around. and i don't think i'm taking it too well. i think they're all too nice to say it, but i feel like an old hag/bore. it's not that i'm feeling unenergetic, but i'm just not instantly clicking like i'm used to. maybe it's that great yuppy sense of humor setting in. and i find myself correcting their grammar (aloud!) all the time. what's up with that? anyway, they're overall a very nice bunch: diya - friend from high school and college, 3rd year, comm school; a totally cool chick. the rest of the people we are travelling with are her friends from her copenhagen study-abroad program: sapna, 20, poli-sci/econ major from northwestern; mark, architecture student from vermont/pennsylvania; and gunner, architecture student from colorado.

as i may or may not have mentioned earlier, i met up with diya in london saturday morning. (right now, i'm on a night train from prague to budapest -- it already broke down once, leaving us in utter confusion, as none of us understood the train conductor's czech). we spent two days doing the whole tourist bit in london. we stayed with her childhood friend peggy (who is totally cool and who i want to be when i grow up) in kensington/notting hill. we saw a play (art), took a hop-on/hop-off bus tour of the city, saw the british museum (a nice collection of all their loot from their raping and pillaging of ancient civilizations), had dinners in chinatown and a great indian fusion place, went to a farmer's market, went to leicester square, and god knows what-all else. oh yeah, and we did a good bit of random wandering of the city. i have a few pictures here (i had some more, but i accidentally deleted them because i'm a first class moron). oh yeah, and we spent some time in hyde park at speaker's corner. we heard representatives of the nation of islam (i had a pretty imposing picture of them -- it looked a lot like this -- but it got deleted too), the catholic church, and the jewish people -- a lot of what they said had to do with us all being heathens that were going to hell. also, there was some german dude ranting about how useless women are, now that we're no longer sexually submissive (something about us having too much power now that we earn our own money, he said) and a little old white lady who said all foreigners were leeches and karmically doomed to fail at whatever we do (and go to hell, of course), because we're not in our god-assigned lands. any invasion by others of our land was also our fault, because we weren't being careful enough. yah. it was eye-opening. so, that was london.

monday, we left for prague. that's where diya and i met up with sapna, mark and gunner (at staromestska). we got there pretty late, so we proceeded directly to getting royally ripped off for dinner and then drinking (absinthe is interesting) until we crashed at the hostel. we woke up pretty early and spent the rest of the day exploring/wandering the city. we wandered around nove mesto (new town) and stare mesto (old town), alongside the river vltava, up some hills to an amazing scenic view of the city (i think we went up vysehrad, but i'm not sure), through wenceslas square, past the dancing house, and all over i guess. since we were just exploring the sights, there isn't much i can say about it other than it was breathtaking. not even the pictures really do it justice (yes, yes, i know the cliches abound! but they exist for a reason), but they're a good start.

and now i'm on a night train to budapest. guess i should get some sleep.

wow! just kidding! i'm now back in london - heading back to the states tomorrow morning. a lot happened between writings. just as i was nodding off to sleep on the train, passport control came a-knocking, as we were reaching the czech-slovak border. gunner's passport was ripped in parts and missing a page, so the inspector kicked him off the train. as it was 330am and we were in the middle of bumfuck slovakia (they didn't even stop the train at a station -- just in the middle of the tracks, right where we were when he discovered his bad passport), we got off with him (the inspector was not amused with his tag-along pack of backpacked hoodlums -- he kept yelling at us in angry czech; we think he was telling us to get away and get back on the train). we didn't, but instead we got on the "jail car train" they had brought out to where we were to take us back to the czech republic. the five of us, three very angry czech passport inspectors, and a bunch of mexicans (they kicked every mexican off the train because apparently mexican citizens need a transport visa to even pass through slovakia; our poor mexican friends were not amused and were grumbling about being deported at borders around the world) hanging around in the dark by some train tracks in slovakia, waiting for a small mean barred-up train to deport us. i wanted to take a picture but sapna was afraid the passport inspector would bite my head off (we think they're malnourished). instead, we quietly boarded the new train, went back to a border train station in the czech republic, where gunner immediately got a train back to prague (where the nearest us embassy was) and we waited around for 6 or 8 hours for the next train to budapest. we were yelled at a lot while waiting; there was also a good deal of staring done by the local czech rednecks who were visiting the train station for their morning beers (they looked like 40s).

eventually, we made it to budapest. and what a nice change it was after the horrors of the mean cold (yet eerily beautiful) czech countryside. the weather was much warmer, the sun was shining, the people seemed cheery and were chattering in friendlier-sounding hungarian. we found a hostel, showered, and then headed out for exploring of buda (the older, scenic part of the city) and pest (the urban, commercial part). it was much more beautiful and exciting than i ever imagined, and a total marvel at every turn. i think this quote from my let's go eastern europe guide put it really well: "no toyland prague, budapest is bigger, dirtier, and more vibrant than its czech contemporary -- flashing lights and legions of tourists may drape tinsel upon its cobblestone streets, but beneath the city's kitsch beats a purely hungarian heart." i didn't get many pictures of the kitsch or hungarian heart (tho i'd like to think i felt it), but check out some of the views. we were all kinda' awed by the sights, and didn't even really talk much. we explored, ate dinner, and then returned to the hostel. mark and sapna crashed for the night, but diya and i wanted to experience the hungarian kitsch at night, so we explored some of the clubs and bars.

thursday morning, we woke up early with a mission. we were going to partake in budapest's renowned luxury: turkish baths. imagine cheap pampering, spa services, large domed ceilings, breathtaking architecture and facilities, and large hairy naked hungarian women. it was an experience. we were ogled a bit for wearing swimsuits instead of going eu natural, but i was no louse myself in the large and hairy department. my masseuse wouldn't even touch me with two hands for fear of getting tangled in the jungle that was my leg hair. all in all, it was very relaxing. and cheap! (i love cheap)

after all the pampering, we wandered the city in a daze, satiated and completely at ease. we ate a solid meal, and explored a little more. in our two days in budapest, we saw st. stephen's basilica, the parliament, varhegy (castle hill), szbadsag hid (liberty bridge), the gellert baths, and the world's largest burger king. and other stuff, i'm sure. pictures are here. marvel.

that night (thursday) we headed back to prague by train. less incident on this trip, tho still a bit nerve-wracking every time passport control knocked on our door. we returned to find the city completely changed; it was easter weekend, and tourist season had begun. there were people everywhere. we stayed in mala strana (lesser side) this time, because it was so hard to find places anywhere else. it was a nice change. we managed to get around to the prague castle and across the charles bridge this time around. it was a sight, and much more interesting with all the people swarming around. we saw a porn film being filmed on the charles bridge (i got pictures with my disposable camera, but those aren't developed yet); we caused a bit of a scene while standing around discussing the film, and accidentally caught the attention of the crew. keep an eye out for a czech porn about 3 indian girls and a white guy lost in prague. it could be good. pictures of prague (from all days) are here.

that night (friday), we ended up at a chinese restaurant and then an indian bar (i don't know how). it was actually pretty fun; there was a bachelor party going on, and the guys were excited about the americans that looked like indians. all the partying, however, caused me to wake up late this morning, making me nearly miss my flight back to london. i didn't tho, and i've made it here okay. and what weird luck! while i was writing, some cute german chick asked me if i knew when daylight savings time starts (i'm at the generator hostel again) -- it starts tonight (in the uk, anyway) and i had no idea! i would've missed my flight tomorrow morning were it not for her.

um, yah. so that was the trip. i made it back without incident.




2002-04-16 11:21:45
this is not the über-update

the number one most irritating thing about living in the anand household (of course, it takes a seinfeld-esque annoyance to get me updating again), aside from the lingering scent of curry permanantly infused in your hair and the sly monitoring of your every action? bathroom invasion. i'm not talking about my little brother barging in looking for his razor or my dog sniffing around for some food in the trashbin; i'm talking about my mother's inane need to bust in with every phone call while i'm taking a shit (and no, the locks in our house mysteriously enough don't work). doesn't matter whether it's from work, long-distance from india, or my brother from upstairs in his room. she HAS to give me the phone. i don't think she understands that people can be indisposed and unable to take a call (she makes all her most important phone calls from the throne) -- she can't just tell the person on the phone that i am taking a shit and will call them back in a couple of hours. no. she comes running in, breaks through the "lock", frantically shoves the phone in my hands and says "shalay! shalay! phone! phone!" today, it was a long-distance call from india (actually, she called them to congratulate my cousin on his new daughter -- congrats sunny, btw -- and then decided that i should talk to them RIGHT THEN). i heard her coming and tried to lock the door, throw newspaper in her path, turn off the light so she wouldn't know which bathroom i was in -- all to no avail. she found me (thanks sammy) and i got to spend a very awkward 20 minutes or so talking to every relative we have in india; i haven't even seen these people in over 6 years, haven't ever met four of them (my cousins' two new wives and two new children), but they all talked to me at my most vulnerable moment of the day. and none of them wanted to talk to me; me with my broken hindi, them with their better-than-my-hindi-but-still-broken english, trying desperately to think of something to say other than "congratulations. how are you? when are you coming to india? when are you getting married/breeding/justifying your existence to our family?" the phone was passed to every relative, the same conversation was repeated, i tried to pass my gas quietly, until finally i threw a roll of toilet paper out the bathroom door as a sign of distress. no one came to help me. :( <sigh>

and yes, the rest is still coming. i'm slow, okay?




so you want more, eh? click away.


all casual-like




sleeping with the fishes


Kurt is up in heaven now.


Yes, I'm still sitting here in Virginia


because i can't keep up with the indians in the news
Wiki wiki wiki wak!


Wherein I lose my ability to capitalize consistently
I don't like canned food.
Death by Bananas and Satire and Irony
running on empty
25% of the time you are on your periodical!
I don't know why.
No, YOU suck


bachia takes over the world
payal & harnish get married


pictures pacify the people


Kalle has a plastic bag in his pocket. There is some pizza in it.


adventures in surfing
12 hours of driving and... at least i saw a rainbow.


now is time for cake
can you believe i've actually been to the hall the rikta was at? does that mean i've officially been to too many indian weddings? the hall's in atlanta!




it was to scrape off my old decal


betchya' never had a client claim to see angels floating over your shoulder
and the photos are even sporadically interspersed with requisite cute boy shots of cat
agreed: engineers are totally cute.
no risk ass


ross and his golden plan
just because their photos are so much more entertaining/beautiful than mine
sea of heartbreak


saare jahan se acha
i wanna go-a to goa!
just in case you deleted my email because you thought it was spam


who's that other guy? how old is that pic? what happened to the essentials? who are you people?
leave our homos alone
boston is f&^$ing cold!
this country has broken my heart
i think my brother is trying to distract me from the pre-election tension by sharing this


i was trying to be productive today


cutest pics of three virginians in china EVAR!


that deb sure is one smart cookie
why does this sound like a beatnik poem to me?


happy hurricane weekend part IV
That dreamy look in your eye/ Give me a tropical contact high...
we need a flag and a name.


miami nightlife after the monsoon rains


finally we are no one


Lost your IT job? Blame HR and your management. Don't blame India, or Indians.


a place where everyone is slightly left of center (and ragingly so), urban, and wearing comfortable shoes
i also do not get "hella"
four year old predictions finally come true
anyone want a gmail invite?
ready talent reunion! and a baby.


these pictures look curiously similar to my costa rica pictures...


so yesterday? i saw a movie? it was great?


la cuenta por favor


monkey sad
i feel like i owe you
(hello? anyone still there?)

it MUST be big news
congrats kids :)


send ice. and love.
this will just have to suffice for now


i think i miss virginia
the truth about our jobs
dia de los muertos
halloweeeeeeeen pics!


jimmy pop is cute
on so many levels
also, turnpike update from max: human-less coin lanes are gone
this one's for the bostonians
dramatic sigh soon to come
brain cells burning
taking a break from frog-mania
today's new word is mierde
what update?


know what i need from you?
i'm working too, really
what have i gotten myself into?
surfers and lesbians
an adventure in ordinary life
start reading metafilter already
also, i got a room in miami! now come visit already.
kick it!


and mefi the movie would be funny
more liberal propaganda for ben
max is bored
who says you can't drink during the day as a regularly employed drone?


you think i jest
temptation and timing
drinking is funny
i know some of y'all could do this
so, you won't mind when i ignore you?
you will be required by law to at least try to smoke a cigarette
good news
both from
i love cafepress
more more more links
alas, where is the redesign?
just links, no judgement
is the fucking glass half-empty or half-full?
or maybe i should just move to miami already
but not insane pictures :(
really? republicans have more money? who woulda thunk?
i have a mosquito bite on my butt
i'm back!


the site, that is
oh my


someone HAD to mention the oedipal complex
don't ask about the weddings
it's come to this


did i mention that march is wedding-mania in dc?
i now have no choice but to delve into all my theories on life, proving them using quantum physics
now, i just wonder how i didn't notice until today... (blame it on the snoooow)
today's conversation with my brother
i would be very delighted to be your friend
the lost art of the well-crafted email


love as politics
cyan is a four-letter word
who screams "widget!" in the throes of passion?
stop me
did i mention that i'm moving out?
soft, female and already corrupted, please


i agree with "excess"
look who we found!
can you tell i can't concentrate on work today?
ghosts of xmas past
better than you, daily
fyi, i'm not that pharmacy student from u. of toronto
technical difficulties
how itchy is his back anyway?
message to max
die die die
no pun intended
tales of a viking invasion were greatly exaggerated


out of the whole chaotic cesspool of hate
she said it, not me
and a little frightening
just because i've been feeling somewhat muted lately...
do you realize?
next time i'll go to supercuts
and the proof is only 9 pages long
the morning after
even if you don't celebrate


i am brown
shalini is by urgent request
basic adult survival
it's a good thing daddy runs the vacuum empire
another reason
hear me? hear me! i need sugar in my tea!
telecommuting spoiled me. bad telecommuting.
vestri matris dat bonus caput capitis
flailing helplessly


just because their email was so... charming.
couldn't have said it better myself
miss you
it's just a joke. don't get so uppity
like daughter, like mother
i am NOT a hottie
i'm supposed to be working
you put the happy in my ness
you're more bored than i am
wanna' go?
more to come, i'm sure
are you kiddin'? we've already rented out your room...


dirty kanadians
some links that are keeping me sedate and content for now
lush-o sez wha?
test 2
now, go read "midnight's children"
that's all
it's (a)LIVE!
this is just a test. do not run out of your house screaming. yet.
for all us "bad" indian girls out there
flatulence does exist!


so my ass is large and i smell funny... it could be worse.
and now for something pleasant
it was all her baby's daddy's fault, really
she claimed it was because of all the flannel
that's below the median
oh, and i went to jersey this weekend. it was fun.
i trust the tofu
to all you toe-haters out there...
um, is this what you expected?
still masquerading as a member of the real world
it's pointless to walk when it's past time to run


guess i'll go eat now
inanity of content reaches an all-time low
anyone remember carmen sandiego?
rock on, nickelodeon
get busy living or get busy dying
what was that? you don't think i'm funny?
another one bites the dust
statement of the day
even a termite wouldn't choke on it o/~
living vicariously thru the sachia
embarrassing him is my job (my 8th personality is a large italian mother)
who knew that jay-z was a trendsetter?
welcome back to virginia


stir it up
i don't get it
disturbing behavior
bollywood chic, eh? have you seen an indian movie?
skanky like a project chick
the british suck. apparently these pickles don't.
when you have nothing to say...
no, officer. i did NOT call you a fat pig.
is that a new shaliniland in the distance?
sammy, the aspiring supermodel
WAY better than being a reagan-baby
say something reasonably clever
old pictures are only worth a few words
just for micah
don't let your meat loaf.
whether you like it or not
some family trees bear an enormous crop of nuts


blessed is the homemaker
return of the fratboy
obla-di, obla-da
i be getting sappy in my old age
choose your own adventure
and you thought i was a boy
and it's not even true
don't try to bring logic into this
you could be my sunshine
this IS the über-update
this is not the über-update


tracking the progress of injured toes


not like alanis
it's amazing what a little hindlish will do to you
i've turned into my mother
not that i'd do anything about it, but...
i forgot what i was going to say
why is it so quiet around here?
i'm doing the chicken dance as i write this
i'm pretending to care
no new mail
what's purple, green and red and badly misshapen?
someone hath murdered sleep. good for him.
and dubya stands for walker.
more talk | less head
i'm a marketing gimp's dream-come-true
the all new gid show
nick loves porn more than me
bend it! bend it!


oh cameron!
passive aggressiveness and inexplicable frustration
pictures of my world verify its existence
go to sleep, you picture-crazy maniac!
shalini is a riceboy!
ich muß hier verlassen!
"tour of the south" leaves shalini with a vicious rash
pookie goes to charlotte
don't mind us, we're just going to sit here and make out
sammy is my zen master. and he told me not to watch any more of these dumb dating shows.


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2001-10-09 14:19:21
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"it is (to describe it figuratively) as if an author were to make a slip of the pen, and as if this clerical error became conscious of being such. perhaps this was no error but in a far higher sense was an essential part of the whole exposition. it is, then, as if this clerical error were to revolt against the author, out of hatred for him, were to forbid him to correct it, and were to say, 'no, i will not be erased, i will stand as a witness against thee, that thou art a very poor writer'."
- søren kierkegaard
(passage gleaned from "seymour, an introduction" by j.d. salinger)


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