2002-06-26 16:42:04
guess i'll go eat now

sa3z(16:35 PM) :
so, what's up in charlotte?
sa3z(16:35 PM) :
any fun to report?
sa3z(16:36 PM) :
it just started raining here, and now sammy's hiding under my desk, that pussy
palp@work(16:36 PM) :
just played fooz. that was fun. i want a milkshake
sa3z(16:37 PM) :
go get one
palp@work(16:37 PM) :
anything new in hell?
sa3z(16:37 PM) :
not much
palp@work(16:37 PM) :
err.. nova i mean?
sa3z(16:37 PM) :
updating on the lack of fun as we speak
palp@work(16:37 PM) :
i need to do an update so bad.
palp@work(16:37 PM) :
maybe i should try and knock that out of the way.
sa3z(16:37 PM) :
oh my god
palp@work(16:37 PM) :
sa3z(16:37 PM) :
i swear lightening just struck a tree outside my window
palp@work(16:37 PM) :
palp@work(16:38 PM) :
fun stuff.
sa3z(16:38 PM) :
i have never heard thunder so loud
palp@work(16:38 PM) :
you can put it in your update
sa3z(16:38 PM) :
sammy just about peed on my feet
palp@work(16:38 PM) :
lightning struck a tree right outside my door once...
palp@work(16:38 PM) :
that was pretty damned loud
sa3z(16:38 PM) :
yah, i jumped
sa3z(16:38 PM) :
and we all know how hard it is to make me jump
palp@work(16:38 PM) :
did the floors and the windows shake?
sa3z(16:39 PM) :
sa3z(16:39 PM) :
i literally almost fell out of my chair
palp@work(16:39 PM) :
ah, joy.
sa3z(16:39 PM) :
(not that my chair is very stable)
palp@work(16:39 PM) :
ya know, you probably shouldn't be on the computer.
sa3z(16:39 PM) :
i know, but it's so hard to wean myself away
palp@work(16:39 PM) :
i understand
sa3z(16:39 PM) :
what the hell am i going to do if i turn off my computer?
sa3z(16:40 PM) :
i mean, i might have to get up and shower and clean the house or something similarly atrocious
palp@work(16:40 PM) :
palp@work(16:40 PM) :
that's what i do when i'm not at my computer
sa3z(16:40 PM) :
ah, good plan




2002-06-26 16:22:49
inanity of content reaches an all-time low

happy 25th anniversary to the rents! they're in aruba (yah, i got 'em out) checking out the computer labs there (they're always on im -- apparently paradise is a room full of computers with fast connections). meanwhile, sachin and i are reliving the hedonistic days of yore (just kidding, parents) (sort of).

also, congrats to sood, who spontaneously bought a house this weekend (must be nice, eh?). i expect many a party in the near future.

and, um, i think that's it. not much else to report on the homefront. (maybe home is the problem) more details as events warrant.




2002-06-21 00:07:39
anyone remember carmen sandiego?

today i learned that i would do anything to get my parents out of the house. i spent a considerable amount of time trying to book them a last minute 25th anniversary vacation. it didn't work. i'm still trying, tho.

also, text messaging is awesome. yours truly (truly deaf) can actually carry on a full conversation in a bar now, with my (her?) cousin who is in his grandparents' basement, sorting through books. technology is grand.




2002-06-18 11:39:49
rock on, nickelodeon

only the most alarmist and paranoid could find anything insidious or threatening here.  unfortunately, alarmists and paranoids are rather well organized in this country.




2002-06-14 20:56:21
get busy living or get busy dying

unbusy as usual. thinking about doing something momentous, but we'll see how that works out, once i figure out what exactly it is that i'm going to do.

my cousin, rita, graduated yesterday, from chantilly high school. congrats to her. the ceremony was at the patriot center, and beautiful, as usual. i've never seen guys and girls sitting/walking separately, tho. guess it had something to do w/the different colored robes. interesting, anyway; tho strange for a public school in 2002, i thought.

my dad's coming back from india on sunday, with his mother (my grandmother) in tow. the beginning of another era, i suppose. all sorts of eras beginning and ending all over the place. eras just flying around like nobody's business. is this just a part of getting old?

saw the shawshank redemption finally last night. it was a bajillion times better than i thought, tho i guess i don't really know what i was expecting. it was just damned good.

payal and max are coming into town tomorrow for the aforementioned engagement party, so exciting stuff going on over there. that should be fun. as for now, i'm about to head out for a night of uncertain plans. wish me fun.




2002-06-13 14:25:22
what was that? you don't think i'm funny?

this one's for whitney: did you hear about the buddhist who refused novocaine during a root canal? he wanted to transcend dental medication.

also: mahatma gandhi, as you know, walked barefoot most of the time, which produced an impressive set of calluses on his feet. he also ate very little, which made him rather frail and with his odd diet, he suffered from bad breath. this made him ....what? a super callous fragile mystic blessed with halitosis.

all from jish and his readers' comments and travellersdiagram




2002-06-13 10:59:26
another one bites the dust

congrats to soumya and sarath on their engagement! (i know they don't read this; this is mostly an announcement for anyone that may not know of the big news) i'd just like to point out that this makes us OLD AS ALL HELL.

also, i'd like to welcome back whitney (3rd reader of shaliniland) who is now reading us from freiburg, deutschland (shalini does a quick i'm-read-internationally-dance) and welcome will (4th reader) from echannels (where i work). i promise to make your shaliniland experiences as painless as possible (after this quick induction ceremony).

and whoever keeps sending me profiles from to read, had better stop. or else. <insert vicious threat and magical ability to figure out who is sending anonymous emails through here>




2002-06-12 15:15:34
statement of the day

shouldn't your brother be off saving the rainforests or something?

- deep's consolation as i whined about how unsympathetic my brother is




2002-06-12 14:49:58
even a termite wouldn't choke on it o/~

since i actually have TWO readers now (micah and sachin), and they're both demanding updates, i suppose it's worth at least pretending my life's interesting for a minute. not much of import to report. hung out w/pat last night; we played darts at bungalow billiards for the second tuesday in a row. the same singer was there as last week, and while last week we thought he was a christian rocker (can't remember why we thought that now), this week we were heartened by his adamsandler-esque renditions of "the girls in virginia have beautiful boobies" and "the men from new jersey have tiny penises". i guess he's not a christian rocker after all. either that, or christianity is a lot more fun than i thought.




2002-06-10 19:08:05
living vicariously thru the sachia

so, did i mention that my passive-aggressive web-tactics succeeded? my brother, subconciously aware of my last entry, finally called my mom and i from the road and consented to some pictures. we promptly ran over in our (mortifying for him) ratty houseclothes and schmoozed with all the other parents taking pictures. here are the fruits of my labor. sorry about the delay; i was having ID10T problems with winscp.

in other news, my brother also graduated amongst much pomp and circumstance. apparently he's quite the accomplished young man; who knew? ;) i'll submit a full list of his awards and stuff once we wake him up from his marathon-end-of-year-activities-induced-coma. here's his cuba-log (i should warn you, it's LONG), meanwhile.

now to end the warm glow of prom: need a date?




2002-06-04 17:34:38
embarrassing him is my job (my 8th personality is a large italian mother)

today is my little brother's prom. in the past, i haven't been around to gawk at fawn over him as he makes his way out into the enchanted night, but this time i am. unfortunately, he realizes this, and has taken precautionary measures. so, i implore you (yes, you), help me. if you see him out tonight, take pictures, laugh, point (he looks like this, if you need help recognizing him), squeeze his date's cheeks affectionately. katie, if you're reading this, send me some pics, i beg you. you other friends of his out there, please do the same. i know some of you have got to have read this at least once, seeing as how the only word people use that search engine down there for is "brother". that, and "sex". but that's only natural.




2002-06-03 11:22:04
who knew that jay-z was a trendsetter?

so, what's up with the rash of rap songs sampling indian music? not that i mind, it's just a bit startling. and, what, 20 years later than i expected? didn't the beatles already do this? and madonna? and others? what brought about the renewed interest? 'sokay, i like it; if only because it makes it easier for me to sing along...




2002-06-03 10:48:26
welcome back to virginia

miami was fun. lots of sun, lots of cuban food, lots of beautiful people, lots of fine automobiles, and a bit o' dancing. orlando was also pretty cool. brittany's wedding went without a hitch, and was very well organized and pretty. disneyworld is demonspawn, but who didn't already know that? i'm currently trying to convince brother dearest to post his cuba-journal here. methinks someone's gotta' enjoy it.




so you want more, eh? click away.


all casual-like




sleeping with the fishes


Kurt is up in heaven now.


Yes, I'm still sitting here in Virginia


because i can't keep up with the indians in the news
Wiki wiki wiki wak!


Wherein I lose my ability to capitalize consistently
I don't like canned food.
Death by Bananas and Satire and Irony
running on empty
25% of the time you are on your periodical!
I don't know why.
No, YOU suck


bachia takes over the world
payal & harnish get married


pictures pacify the people


Kalle has a plastic bag in his pocket. There is some pizza in it.


adventures in surfing
12 hours of driving and... at least i saw a rainbow.


now is time for cake
can you believe i've actually been to the hall the rikta was at? does that mean i've officially been to too many indian weddings? the hall's in atlanta!




it was to scrape off my old decal


betchya' never had a client claim to see angels floating over your shoulder
and the photos are even sporadically interspersed with requisite cute boy shots of cat
agreed: engineers are totally cute.
no risk ass


ross and his golden plan
just because their photos are so much more entertaining/beautiful than mine
sea of heartbreak


saare jahan se acha
i wanna go-a to goa!
just in case you deleted my email because you thought it was spam


who's that other guy? how old is that pic? what happened to the essentials? who are you people?
leave our homos alone
boston is f&^$ing cold!
this country has broken my heart
i think my brother is trying to distract me from the pre-election tension by sharing this


i was trying to be productive today


cutest pics of three virginians in china EVAR!


that deb sure is one smart cookie
why does this sound like a beatnik poem to me?


happy hurricane weekend part IV
That dreamy look in your eye/ Give me a tropical contact high...
we need a flag and a name.


miami nightlife after the monsoon rains


finally we are no one


Lost your IT job? Blame HR and your management. Don't blame India, or Indians.


a place where everyone is slightly left of center (and ragingly so), urban, and wearing comfortable shoes
i also do not get "hella"
four year old predictions finally come true
anyone want a gmail invite?
ready talent reunion! and a baby.


these pictures look curiously similar to my costa rica pictures...


so yesterday? i saw a movie? it was great?


la cuenta por favor


monkey sad
i feel like i owe you
(hello? anyone still there?)

it MUST be big news
congrats kids :)


send ice. and love.
this will just have to suffice for now


i think i miss virginia
the truth about our jobs
dia de los muertos
halloweeeeeeeen pics!


jimmy pop is cute
on so many levels
also, turnpike update from max: human-less coin lanes are gone
this one's for the bostonians
dramatic sigh soon to come
brain cells burning
taking a break from frog-mania
today's new word is mierde
what update?


know what i need from you?
i'm working too, really
what have i gotten myself into?
surfers and lesbians
an adventure in ordinary life
start reading metafilter already
also, i got a room in miami! now come visit already.
kick it!


and mefi the movie would be funny
more liberal propaganda for ben
max is bored
who says you can't drink during the day as a regularly employed drone?


you think i jest
temptation and timing
drinking is funny
i know some of y'all could do this
so, you won't mind when i ignore you?
you will be required by law to at least try to smoke a cigarette
good news
both from
i love cafepress
more more more links
alas, where is the redesign?
just links, no judgement
is the fucking glass half-empty or half-full?
or maybe i should just move to miami already
but not insane pictures :(
really? republicans have more money? who woulda thunk?
i have a mosquito bite on my butt
i'm back!


the site, that is
oh my


someone HAD to mention the oedipal complex
don't ask about the weddings
it's come to this


did i mention that march is wedding-mania in dc?
i now have no choice but to delve into all my theories on life, proving them using quantum physics
now, i just wonder how i didn't notice until today... (blame it on the snoooow)
today's conversation with my brother
i would be very delighted to be your friend
the lost art of the well-crafted email


love as politics
cyan is a four-letter word
who screams "widget!" in the throes of passion?
stop me
did i mention that i'm moving out?
soft, female and already corrupted, please


i agree with "excess"
look who we found!
can you tell i can't concentrate on work today?
ghosts of xmas past
better than you, daily
fyi, i'm not that pharmacy student from u. of toronto
technical difficulties
how itchy is his back anyway?
message to max
die die die
no pun intended
tales of a viking invasion were greatly exaggerated


out of the whole chaotic cesspool of hate
she said it, not me
and a little frightening
just because i've been feeling somewhat muted lately...
do you realize?
next time i'll go to supercuts
and the proof is only 9 pages long
the morning after
even if you don't celebrate


i am brown
shalini is by urgent request
basic adult survival
it's a good thing daddy runs the vacuum empire
another reason
hear me? hear me! i need sugar in my tea!
telecommuting spoiled me. bad telecommuting.
vestri matris dat bonus caput capitis
flailing helplessly


just because their email was so... charming.
couldn't have said it better myself
miss you
it's just a joke. don't get so uppity
like daughter, like mother
i am NOT a hottie
i'm supposed to be working
you put the happy in my ness
you're more bored than i am
wanna' go?
more to come, i'm sure
are you kiddin'? we've already rented out your room...


dirty kanadians
some links that are keeping me sedate and content for now
lush-o sez wha?
test 2
now, go read "midnight's children"
that's all
it's (a)LIVE!
this is just a test. do not run out of your house screaming. yet.
for all us "bad" indian girls out there
flatulence does exist!


so my ass is large and i smell funny... it could be worse.
and now for something pleasant
it was all her baby's daddy's fault, really
she claimed it was because of all the flannel
that's below the median
oh, and i went to jersey this weekend. it was fun.
i trust the tofu
to all you toe-haters out there...
um, is this what you expected?
still masquerading as a member of the real world
it's pointless to walk when it's past time to run


guess i'll go eat now
inanity of content reaches an all-time low
anyone remember carmen sandiego?
rock on, nickelodeon
get busy living or get busy dying
what was that? you don't think i'm funny?
another one bites the dust
statement of the day
even a termite wouldn't choke on it o/~
living vicariously thru the sachia
embarrassing him is my job (my 8th personality is a large italian mother)
who knew that jay-z was a trendsetter?
welcome back to virginia


stir it up
i don't get it
disturbing behavior
bollywood chic, eh? have you seen an indian movie?
skanky like a project chick
the british suck. apparently these pickles don't.
when you have nothing to say...
no, officer. i did NOT call you a fat pig.
is that a new shaliniland in the distance?
sammy, the aspiring supermodel
WAY better than being a reagan-baby
say something reasonably clever
old pictures are only worth a few words
just for micah
don't let your meat loaf.
whether you like it or not
some family trees bear an enormous crop of nuts


blessed is the homemaker
return of the fratboy
obla-di, obla-da
i be getting sappy in my old age
choose your own adventure
and you thought i was a boy
and it's not even true
don't try to bring logic into this
you could be my sunshine
this IS the über-update
this is not the über-update


tracking the progress of injured toes


not like alanis
it's amazing what a little hindlish will do to you
i've turned into my mother
not that i'd do anything about it, but...
i forgot what i was going to say
why is it so quiet around here?
i'm doing the chicken dance as i write this
i'm pretending to care
no new mail
what's purple, green and red and badly misshapen?
someone hath murdered sleep. good for him.
and dubya stands for walker.
more talk | less head
i'm a marketing gimp's dream-come-true
the all new gid show
nick loves porn more than me
bend it! bend it!


oh cameron!
passive aggressiveness and inexplicable frustration
pictures of my world verify its existence
go to sleep, you picture-crazy maniac!
shalini is a riceboy!
ich muß hier verlassen!
"tour of the south" leaves shalini with a vicious rash
pookie goes to charlotte
don't mind us, we're just going to sit here and make out
sammy is my zen master. and he told me not to watch any more of these dumb dating shows.


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"it is (to describe it figuratively) as if an author were to make a slip of the pen, and as if this clerical error became conscious of being such. perhaps this was no error but in a far higher sense was an essential part of the whole exposition. it is, then, as if this clerical error were to revolt against the author, out of hatred for him, were to forbid him to correct it, and were to say, 'no, i will not be erased, i will stand as a witness against thee, that thou art a very poor writer'."
- søren kierkegaard
(passage gleaned from "seymour, an introduction" by j.d. salinger)


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