i suppose some of my friends do have their own sites. i'll throw out whichever ones i know right now -- if i'm missing any lemme know.



brent bowers -- a cool designer guy from work who also plays in a band and refuses to sell out



b.u.m.s -- proceed at your own risk. for now, i'll let the friend responsible for this grand creation remain anonymous, but i'm sure soon enough he'll (yes, it's a "he" -- whatever gave it away?) want to bask in the warmth of shaliniland-love.



crankybabs -- babs is cranky. she has stuff to shout out. read it here.



dave dildine -- a blast from the past (the person, not the site) -- he pretty much only seems to update the music section, and that's worth a visit in itself.



whitney foutz -- whit! the first of my non-geek friends to set up her very own website. now, if she would only blog, i'd have to stop posting her emails as shaliniland content.



scott hoosier -- a big sweetie pie with bunchloads of energy and a wicked sense of humor



jason kay -- father of natasha marie kay (a.k.a. the cutest baby girl in the world)



jennifer miller -- she sits next to me at mng and tolerates all those weird sounds and strange smells that i produce. the poor poor girl.



will rickard -- QA-dude extraordinaire (did i spell that right?) and overall nice guy; now we can finally see what's buzzing around in that head of his



rochelle robinson -- fellow cultureflux-er, and new friend in novurbia. fanatical about vin diesel, but in a good way ;)



ben rubeck -- amazing designer. also known as "that guy over there."



deborah schwartz -- i've never actually met her in "real" life (what is that anyway?) but she's a friend of jenny's and a funny one at that. i live in nyc vicariously through her.



micah stephens -- he battles fluff on a daily basis with a solid dose of reality and biting sarcasm. also, he likes to bhangra.



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